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Product Part - La Stone Therapy Facial

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The Journey begins with placement of Hot Volcanic Basalt Stones on energy points on the body. Custom facial cleansing is followed with a Rice Powder and Lactic Acid Scrub in a Chamomile Base for deep exfoliation without irritation. This treatment also includes a soothing multivitamin masque that provides vital nutrients to the skin and stimulates collagen synthesis. Your face, neck, arms, hands, calves, and feet are massaged with the hot stones which are alternated with cool marine stones to oxygenate and bring nutrients to the skin. The body is deeply relaxed, the skin is nourished and oxygenated, the spirit is revived and energized. This is a truly unique experience for the mind, body, and spirit! Certification by the International Dermal Institute® Post Graduate School of Skin Care and Body Therapy.

La Stone Therapy Facial

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120 mins$145.00

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