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Product Part - Aloe Vera Herbal Body Wrap

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This all natual solution of Aloe Vera enzymes and herbs, absorb into the skin and penetrate the toxins surrounding fatty deposits and cellulite. We have an average of 7 to 15 inches lost each wrap. The Aloe Vera enzymes are very good for the skin and penetrate well. This is not a water loss. There are no dehydrating salts, minerals or clays in this all-natural solution. Call for more details.

Aloe Vera Herbal Body Wrap

ProductPriceAdd to Order
1 Treatment$125.00
3 Series ($95 each) *Save $90$285.00
7 Series ($75 each) *Save $140$525.00
12 Series ($65 each) *Save $360$780.00

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